Storm Education Team Vehicle Cams.

When we're deployed in the field, these images will update more quickly. Otherwise they're a great testiment to 24/7 wireless connectivity in a vehicle! Wherever we go, we have broadband speeds and the security of instant web access to send and recieve data, photos, radar imagery, email, etc.

To see a few shots from SET1 during Hanna's flooding in Raleigh, North Carolina, CLICK HERE.

These images update from SET1. During a storm or other emergency,
the update frequency is much quicker.

During times when there's no severe weather, this TruckCam is mainly here to show you that anyone can connect to the internet from almost anywhere with wireless technology. During severe weather, however; this TruckCam can be a valuable source of "on scene" images updated frequently during storms or any other emergency situations we encounter.

To see the shots from SET1 & SET2 during Alberto's flooding in North Carolina, CLICK HERE.

To see some great TruckCam photos from the past, check out the Archives page!