updated January 7, 2007
Team News

Our Commumnications Vehicle.

Click Here for the photos and descriptions of the new gear. It's an antenna farm on the roof!

Meet our team members.

John Van PeltJohn Van Pelt started the project in 1999. After having been a radio broadcaster as a 'first' career, he saw the awesome power of hurricanes for the first time in person when Hurricane David struck Myrtle Beach, SC in 1979. John anchored WKZQ radio's coverage during landfall and reported during the aftermath. After Hurricane Floyd took so many lives in 1999 (most from vehicle related drownings) John began the StormStudy Project in earnest, with the goal of helping to save lives through proper severe weather education.

Since then, the project's outreach arm, The Storm Education Team, has appeared at countless public events and has been in tens of millions of households on worldwide TV every year. John is a 'people person' so a great deal of the team's outreach is conducted on the streets, in parking lots and anywhere the team members go... The team has handed out thousands of its Severe Weather Safety cards over the years because John knows that it's human nature to think "it won't happen to me" and that a little handout and a quick "do you remember what happened last year!?" can go a long way in bringing home how crucial preparedness is. John has helped create preparedness plans for and consults businesses on severe weather safety. His passion for public safety and preparedness is 24/7/365 and with the other team members' help has led to significant ground truth data getting to the National Weather Service & National Hurricane Center during storms.

Dan MustenDan Musten has been a radio and TV broadcast production professional for more than 30 years. His news gathering experience, broadcast quality gear and video editing skills in the field bring an important added resource to the team and to our media outlet partners.

In recent years, Dan has also established large-scale amateur radio repeater and internet radio linking systems. One big innovation is the VoIP Weather Network, which facilitates direct contact with the National Hurricane Center by ham radio and internet linked repeaters. Since its introduction in 2002 with Storm Education Team and other reports during Hurricane Lili, the Hurricane Center continues to rely on this system for measured weather data - even after traditional communication routes fail during severe storms.

Danny has been a long time team supporter and actively joined the Storm Education Team as our broadcast specialist and ham radio liaison to the National Hurricane Center in 2005. Dan owns and operates Musten Communications with ham radio interests at www.kd4raa.net.

Dan MustenBrandon McLamb (the one who's NOT Bill Gray in the photo!) helps the team with communications, logistics and deployments. He's most recently helped with our broadcasts from the National Hurricane Center, video productions and field communications. Brandon has become very important in building out amateur radio communication systems in North Carolina, including traditional and digital modes.

Bridget Mulder - Meteorologist and Red Cross Disaster Recovery Specialist has joined our team. Her knowledge of severe weather development & threats, preparedness and recovery will be huge assets to our work. Bridget's post-disaster experience brings a first-hand knowledge about and empathy for victims of natural disasters.

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Sponsor News

Global Performance in Raleigh is our new vehicle performance partner. They've added the latest enhancements to SET1 including new gears from Randy's Ring & Pinion and our AirRaid intake system.

Clark Masts is our newest gear partner, providing the awesome YT15S mast for SET 1. With this pneumatic mast, we can put our camera up FOUR STORIES in the air and raise the anemometers to the NOAA standard 10 meter height! Their masts are perfect for public safety, broadcast and military uses and we've been really impressed by the build quality of our mast provided by Antenna Research Associates.

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