Sponsors & Partners

As we work to teach the public how to prepare for the worst nature has to offer, The Storm Education Team depends on the help of sponsors to get our work done and the message out! We couldn't teach OR learn without our sponsors' help.

Please visit the sponsors' websites and use their products and services when you can. They haven't been chosen as sponsors because they've helped; they've been chosen because they offer the best solutions for the Storm Education Team!

These partners are all listed in alphabetical order.


5.11 Tactical provides the field uniforms for the Storm Education Team as seen on CNN, MSNBC & Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC, during hurricanes and all of our nationwide appearances. Their shirts and pants offer the best combination of toughness, "storage space" and comfort we've found anywhere. With pockets galore and the design features like double seats and knees and the vented backs in the shirts, the 5.11 Tactical Series can't be beaten. Their new outerwear will be a big part of our comfort AND flexibility this winter and their new duffels are perfect for our personal and emergency gear when we're on the road. With our footwear from 5.11 Tactical rounding out our field dress... there's no better uniform provider for our work.

Clark Masts makes the awesome YT15S mast for SET 1. With this pneumatic mast, we can put our camera up FOUR STORIES in the air and raise the anemometers to the NOAA standard 10 meter height! Their masts are perfect for public safety, broadcast and military uses and we've been really impressed by the build quality of our mast provided by Antenna Research Associates.

An ongoing product design and development program assures that their customers benefit from the latest material and manufacturing processes but without sacrificing any of the proven traditional qualities that have been developed over many years through continual testing and development work.

Davis Instruments is the maker of the Wireless WeatherMonitor II and Vantage Pro weather stations on the Storm Education Team vehicles and at our remote locations. Our Davis gear made it through the WORST that hurricane season had to throw at us from 2002-2005 and we KNOW in 2006, our Davis gear will stand strong. Hurricane Charley's 133 mph wind gusts and 945 millibar pressure readings were true testiment to how well Davis gets the job done in mission critical situations. Year after year, Davis Instruments weather stations have given us the best service we could ask for - and the company's customer service is unmatched in ANY industry. And NOW, see the new Vantage Pro2 series of weather stations. They take wireless weather stations to the next level!

Global Performance has is doing the work on our trucks to keep them off-road ready and on-road right. They do fantastic work and just put new gears in SET1 from Randy's Ring & Pinion and a new AirRaid intake system to improve performance and mileage! If you live in Central NC, and need your 4-Wheel drive vehicle upgraded OR you have a diesel truck that needs the best mods, Global and Build A Diesel will do it right!
Call them at 919-784-0411.

Interco Tire Corporation, is a Louisiana company that has evolved through three generations into a leader in the development of high performance tires for use on four wheel drive light trucks and all terrain vehicles. In 1968 Interco developed the first 78 series light truck tires which began the evolution in light truck tires we see today. The Interco TrXus Mud Terrain tires on our Suburbans give us peace of mind when we have to take the trucks into challenging situations during our travels.

Jack Rabbilt Signs has provided the banners and interior signage for Mobile WeatherCenter. They've created all the logo graphics on the StormStudy Trucks for years, too. Now with their GIANT color printer, they can do full color photographic signage and display graphics to suit any purpose. They do GREAT work and their service is unbeatable! Call them for all of your signage needs. Oak Park Shopping Center in Raleigh NC - 919-571-1185.

Mackay Communications has been a turnkey provider of communication solutions for over 100 years, offering equipment and airtime service for marine, offshore and land-mobile industries. This long history allows Mackay Communications the ability to bring their customers the most advanced applications in the market today. Mackay provides us with GlobalStar satellite phone equipment and Nera satellite data equipment. When you need phone and data systems that work GLOBALLY, Mackay has every solution for any situation.

Mile Marker makes the winches the U.S. Army puts on Humvees! From self-recovery if we ever get stuck to helping with rescue and recovery efforts after a disaster, strength and reliability are what we need and what Mile Marker winches give us. Mile Marker has been manufacturing products and supplying parts for offroad enthusiasts for over two decades.

Mobile Threat Net gives us the best radar, lightning, warning and storm tracking abilities that you can find anywhere. Using the XM Satellite system to send the data, Mobile Threat Net shows us where WE ARE and where the STORMS ARE and plots our motion against the storms' to keep us up-to-date and SAFE. Public safety groups, municipal governments, school systems, sports event managers and anyone else who needs to monitor the weather WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT INTERNET FAILURES can do it now like never before! When we get in the field for Severe or Tropical weather, we depend on Mobile Threat Net for the weather data and XM Satellite Radio for the news we need.

PIAA High Performance Light Systems turn night into day... and more. PIAA Xtreme White Plus bulbs replaced our stock headlight low and high beams and THEY ARE BRIGHT. The 540 and 580 driving lights are unbelievable, and when conditions are bad, the 510 foglights cut through mist, snow, dust and of course FOG! The 4040 and 1400 backup floodlights give us the extra light we need behind the truck and the new PIAA Super Silicone Wipers don't just wipe the rain away, the make the windshield itself water repellant so the water beads and sheds better!

Road Armor IS the armor between us and the elements. Road Armor bumpers and guards are the finest quality you can get and when you see the 'Stealth' angles and cuts in the bumpers, THAT means they're the strongest you can get too. When the elements threaten, we need to be prepared for the worst and with Road Armor bumpers as the mounting points for the lights and winches AND the added strength for the front and rear of the vehicle, we're protected as well as we can be! Road Armor replacement front winch bumpers are the only airbag compatible product made in the U.S.A. And they don't just protect, they GET LOOKS! Rated #1 in new concept design, their new Stealth design was the choice of Neal Moritz, Executive Producer of the Fast & The Furious II!

Storm Case products protect all of our most important gear including photo & video equipment, laptops, portable printers and networking gear wherever the weather threatens. Storm Cases make our work possible! In 2006, we'll deploy portable radio repeaters to assist in sending reports to the National Hurricane Center and they'll ALL be in Storm Cases. They just don't fail - after hours under water, during Hurricane Ivan, the gear in our 'drone' vehicle stayed BONE DRY and never failed!, even though the case FLOATED FROM BEHIND THE BACKSEAT OF THE SUV INTO THE BACK SEAT!!!

Superlift's F.I.T kit is the newest feature in our truck modifications. This lift kit, steering stabilizer, shock upgrade, skid plate and differential protector offer us more security when we go off road. Superlift's technology provides more stability, strength and comfort when the ride gets rough. NOW we have more ground clearance for better climbing and better protection of the undercarriage. Superlift's technology is unrivaled in their industry and we're thrilled to have their gear between us and the elements!

Tri Properties, the industry leading, North Carolina commercial real estate firm, has supported our work for years, providing space for staging our gear and for our Davis Vantage Pro Plus weather station, located in Imperial Center, that serves North Carolina's Research Triangle Park.
They support a safer environment for their tenants by providing free weather information and alerts on their site at www.triprop.com
Air Lift products make the Storm Education Team Suburban "sit up straight"! With all the additional weight in and on the vehicle, we need a way to level the truck and help the suspension do its job. With Air Lift airbags and the SureSet compressor system, we can level the truck anytime we load and unload gear. Simple pushbutton controls mount on the dash and make it super easy to change the ride characteristics as we travel to the next storm AND the system remembers and maintains the proper settings automatically!

Bullard makes the best head protection you can get (and lots of other safety products too.) From firefighters' and EMT helmets to regular hardhats for industrial and construction applications, Bullard has you covered. When we're out in dangerous weather conditions and after storms leave devastation behind, flying and falling debris are big threats. We've used Bullard Advent helmets for years and NOW we have new full-coverage Galaxy helmets that are the newest technology used by European firefighters, but for US, with their shape, they offer much lower wind resistance AND full-face coverage with the flip-down visors, they're perfect additions to our safety equipment.

Maxpedition Hard Use Gear is the best solution we've found for carrying our smaller field 'tools' on and about our persons! From our larger Go Bags (backpacks) to our flashlights, multi-tools, two-ways, portable weather instruments & other small electronics, personal water supplies, etc., Maxpedition's solutions fit our work perfectly. With over a dozen bags, pouches, sheaths and packs in our rigs, we count on them to help us organize and carry our gear every day.

Pelco is the global leader in video security systems. Our Esprit camera system from Pelco is amazing! It has an incredible image quality, will pan and tilt in 90 mph winds, won't fog up AND has a wiper in addition to working in extremely low light, so catching great images during storms is incredibly easy.If these cameras are good enough for security in the hottest casinos in Vegas, for the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, we know they'll serve us well under the most extreme conditions.

Viper security and remote start products have been a major "peace of mind" addition to our gear. The vehicles are protected by the best security systems that ALSO give us the ability to remotely heat and cool the vehicles, keep the batteries charged AND deploy our mast and control lights from up to a mile away!