Riegelwood NC (Columbus County)
F3 Tornado Aftermath - November 17, 2006

For a gallery of high resolution photos shot on November 17th, click here.
To see the raw video of the aftermath shot on November 17th, click here.
The official storm report from the National Weather Service office in Wilminton NC is posted here.

These were some of the more dramatic truckcam images from Riegelwood, North Carolina in the aftermath of the November 16th F3 tornado that killed 8 and left 100 homeless.

These images update from SET1. During a storm or other emergency,
the update frequency is much quicker.

During times when there's no severe weather, this TruckCam is mainly here to show you that anyone can connect to the internet from almost anywhere with wireless technology. During severe weather, however; this TruckCam can be a valuable source of "on scene" images updated frequently during storms or any other emergency situations we encounter.

These images were sent to the web via 3G Wireless Solutions from Cingular while we were in Columbus County. This technology works even when the truck is rolling, anywhere in the coverage area. For laptops, Palm devices or PocketPC's, this is an awesome way to connect to the net for e-mail, e-commerce, web browsing, etc. You get unlimited acesss for a flat rate anywhere in the service area in the entire U.S.

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