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This one formed quickly and made landfall at the Belize Mexico border.

Easternmost forming July storm on record. Longest lived July storm. Longest lived storm in the Atlantic basin since Ivan in '04 .

Skirted the Carolinas Coasts dropping heavy rains.

Intensified before landfall, at South Padre Island, just North of the Texas/Mexico border.

Dropped lots of rain in Texas and a good deal in Louisiana too.

Rain caused flooding in nearly a quarter of the U.S. and took dozens of lives in her path.

Over 80 lives were lost in this storm's passage.
The Gulf Coast took a big hit, but it could have been much worse.

Hanna Left Over 500 Dead In Haiti Alone, 
In Her Wake.

This One Took Around 100 Lives In
The Caribbean & U.S. Leaving Billions In Damage.

This one was a fish storm that never threatened land areas. That's a good thing.

Missed The U.S. But Dropped A Lot of Rain On
New England And Then Pounded Nova Scotia.

Was Never A Threat To The U.S.

Never A Threat To The U.S. Rained On Mexico

National Hurricane Conference News

UPDATE - The Colorado State August Update for 2008 is Out
Increased forecast numbers: 17 named storms, 9 hurricanes, 5 intense

UPDATE - The NOAA Hurricane Outlook for 2008
Quick numbers: 14-18 named storms, 7-10 hurricanes, 3-6 intense

Left to Right - Danny Musten, Bill Read (NHC Director), John Van Pelt, Brandon McLamb

We were in Orlando for our appearance at the National Hurricane Conference.
As part of the event, we were on around 40 TV stations all over America, in one morning,
during Energizer's Plan. Prepare. Protect. satellite media tour.
Here's a wrap-up video from our trip.

Visit the GetSET Huricane Center page here and check out our video page for more.

UNC-TV Hurricane
North Carolina Now
Watch It.

John Van Pelt PPP
Plan. Prepare. Protect.
l Hurricane Conf.
YouTube. Watch It.

JOhn Van Pelt Bill Proenza
NHC Director
P3 Hurr. Hunter Visit
Watch It.

The P3 Hurricane Hunter Visited NC

We went to see it in Elizabeth City, NC.
Watch this great video with Bill Proenza, the NHC director at the time and Michelle Mainelli, Hurricane Specialist.

We've posted a couple of the
shots from the trip here and will have more up later.

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Over 100 People Died In The Caribbean. 190,000 Lost Power As The Storm Hit Canada.
Stayed At Sea.

Used Up A Name!

It Was A Hurricane At Landfall...

This One Was A Fish Storm, Too.

This One Was A Fish Storm.
Surprising Everybody By Making Hurricane Strength, It Put At Least 100,000 People Out
Of Power While Breaking The Record For
The Quickest Near Landfall Depression
To Hurricane Intensification.
Much Needed Rain Soaked Parts Of Coastal NC
With A Little Flooding.
It Went From Depression To A CAT5 In Less Than 2 Days, Then Set A Record... The First Time For Two CAT 5 Landfalls In A Single Season.

He Made It To Cat 5, But The Impacts Could Have Been Much Worse. The Track Was The Key.
Erin's Flooding Was Deadly.
ALL Tropical systems can kill!
Erin caused a similar number of deaths in the U.S. as a Tropical Depression (and the remnants thereof) that Dean killed as a major hurricane along it's entire path.

2006 Storm Archives
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The ONLY official Tropical related WARNINGS and ADVISORIES in the U.S. come from the National Hurricane Center OR the Hydrological Prediction Center. Visit the NHC site here. Visit the HPC site here