The National Hurricane Center Has A New Director
Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and NOAA officials, Undersecretary Conrad Lautenbacher and NOAA National Weather Service Director D.L. Johnson, have named Xavier William (Bill) Proenza to replace Max Mayfield as the director of its National Hurricane Center and two other divisions of the NOAA Tropical Prediction Center in Miami. Read the entire story and hear the press conference here.

Colorado State Team Releases First '07 Forecast
Their longrange forecast calls for 14 named storms, 7 hurricanes & 3 intense (CAT 3, 4 or 5) storms, but it only takes ONE storm to make it a bad year. Read about it here.

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Remaining Names for the '06 Atlantic Season

Joyce - Kirk - Leslie - Michael - Nadine - Oscar
Patty - Rafael - Sandy - Tony - Valerie - William

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The ONLY official Tropical related WARNINGS and ADVISORIES in the U.S. come from the National Hurricane Center OR the Hydrological Prediction Center. Visit the NHC site here. Visit the HPC site here