The biggest threat from hurricanes is not WIND, it's WATER.

Storm surge from hurricanes used to kill lots of people on the coast until satellite technology and better forecasting techniques let us see the hurricanes coming so we could evacuate the shore. Very few people die at the beach during hurricanes these days, unless they just refuse to leave when the storms come. Most hurricane drownings are inland freshwater deaths, not ocean related drownings.

In Hurricane Floyd, 35 North Carolinians drowned in their cars days and weeks after the storm because they drove into water. Wind accounted for very little damage in that storm...

That doesn't mean that the wind isn't dangerous it is! It can turn anything not tied down into dangerous shrapnel. It can rip roofs off, destroy buildings and uproot trees. But water is still the main danger and not just from hurricanes. More people actually die from Tropical Storms than hurricanes; there are more of them. Tropical Storm Allison devastated Houston in 2001 and took over 40 lives in Texas alone when it dropped nearly FOUR FEET of rain in a few days.

The ONLY official Tropical related WARNINGS and ADVISORIES in the U.S. come from the National Hurricane Center OR the Hydrological Prediction Center. Visit the NHC site here. Visit the HPC site here

When a hurricane threatens the coast, we'll be at the landfall site to provide the National Hurricane Center with ground truth reports and send data updates, photos and video to this site. During the season, check our blog for the latest updates from the field and get the latest storm news.

Our new
Hurricane Center page has the latest tropical outlook and advisories for all active storms. This page will have the links to all of our field reports, data, video and photos too. When we hit the road for a storm trip, we'll establish a blog for each storm.

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