Flash floods can come from torrential rains during thunderstorms and hurricanes and are the number one storm related killers! In Hurricane Floyd alone, 35 North Carolinians drowned in their cars.

River floodwaters rise more slowly than flash floods and there's usually plenty of warning before the rivers leave their banks.

The biggest threat from hurricanes is not WIND, it's WATER

The main thing to remember about floods is that they involve incredibly huge amounts of something we take for granted every day... WATER! Water is heavy and moving water is powerful!

It takes less than two feet of water to float most cars, trucks and SUV's and once they float, they go wherever the water goes. If the water is moving, it can take much less than two feet to sweep your vehicle away and if you're in it... you're gone. Here are some things to keep in mind during floods:

1. Never drive into water covering the road; the road might be gone under it! If you wouldn't wade into it, don't drive into it.

2. Never drive around barricades after floods; they're there for a reason, to protect you!

3. Don't let children play near swollen creeks and drainage ditches after heavy rains. All it takes is a little slip and they can be taken away.

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